Healthy Workplace Certification Process

Follow the Healthy Workplace 6-step process to get the most of your WELLCOSA recognition experience. Our strategic framework enables you to use the knowledge you already have and engage your employees, managers, senior level support, and all other stakeholders to develop your own highly customised approach to promoting employee health and become more strategic about it.

1. Become a Member

WELLCOSA membership provides companies with the basic resources, tools, and suggestions needed to apply for certification and national award recognition through the WELCCOSA strategic process. It includes step-by-step directions for implementing all of the standard's requirements towards healthy workplace certification. Purchase here

2. Compelete Checklist

The Healthy Workplace Checklist is a company-wide assessment that assesses your company's alignment with WELLCOSA's Benchmarks for building strategic wellness interventions and supporting wellness climates. When completed, you'll have an interactive dashboard with customisable reports and scoring, as well as custom recommendations for increasing your score.

3. Start Learning

After completing the checklist, you have access to all our resources and tools.. As a key component of WELLCOSA's Healthy Workplace process, our recognition clarifies present and future approaches to wellness. These resources will enhance your focus in order to plan and deliver engaging results-oriented wellness initiatives.

4. Employee Survey

WELLCOSA will conduct an anonymous survey to gather employee opinion on how effectively the organisation is functioning across key drivers of the standard. This comment will assist verifiers in validating the information provided in the submission and highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

5. Apply & Get Certified

It's time to acknowledge all of your efforts in creating a Healthy Workplace! Join the circle of South Africa's Healthiest Companies that have utilised WELLCOSA's benchmarking technique to help establish and improve their wellness programmes for the future. Apply for your Healthy Workplace Certification and rise above other companies.

6. Receive Workplace Award

You have successfully completed the WELLCOSA Healthy Workplace procedure! You've created a trustworthy framework that is tailored to your workplace's wellness goals. Celebrate your accomplishment with WELLCOSA's Award as a Healthy Workplace, knowing you've already done the most crucial step towards improving your employees' health and well-being.

The Healthy Workplace process is a  proven Strategic Process that provides a road map to the destination of a Healthy Workplace. It recognises excellence in the field of health and well-being promotion in South Africa.

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