Our Criteria is a proven strategic process that provides a road map to a healthy workplace

driving engagement and providing guiding principles for workplace health and wellness


Criteria 1 –

Committed Leadership

Getting leadership committed and actively involved in the wellness program will help to model healthy behaviour to all employees. This is an
important critical component of creating successful workplace wellness initiatives.

Criteria 2 –

Wellness Team Collaboration

Engage a  diverse group of stakeholders at all levels to become your wellness “champions. Creating a wellness team that is dedicated to building and sustaining a successful workplace wellness initiative is an important step.

Criteria 3 –

Collect Strategic Health Data

Efforts to support employee wellness involve understanding your employee populations and assessing the current state of wellness through confidential data collection. Data collection should measure what matters most to both the organisation and the employees.

Criteria 4 –

Crafting an Operating Plan

The wellness operating plan reflects the vision, values and purpose of your company.  Capturing your company’s goals for wellness initiatives and documenting the details, will serve as a road map to guide efforts and investments in workplace wellness. This is an important step towards success.

Criteria 5 –

Choose Supported Initiatives

Selecting appropriate health and wellness interventions based on data collected serves to enhance decision-making skills. It brings the most appropriate interventions to a company in support of employees across the health continuum towards healthy and thriving lives.

Criteria 6 –

Cultivate a  Caring Environment

Creating a culture of wellness includes evaluating policies, practices and promotions to ensure the environment foster a successful wellness initiative. It is grounded in the core vision and purpose of the company. Align the wellness culture throughout the company.


Criteria 7 –

Evaluate, Converse and  Improve

Data collection during evaluation will determine how successful the wellness approach has been and in what ways it can be improved. It also reflects how findings from the evaluation are communicated to ensure continuous improvement efforts in workplace wellness initiates. 



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