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WELLCOSA Membership for 1 Year

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Membership includes the Workplace Certification Pack that provides companies with the basic resources, tools, and suggestions needed to apply for certification and national award recognition through the WELLCOSA strategic process. It includes step-by-step directions for implementing all of the standard’s requirements towards healthy workplace certification.

Being recognised as one of the Healthiest Workplaces in South Africa offers significant competitive advantage to recruiting and retaining your best employees! Healthiest workplaces gain additional advantages with better health outcomes, lower absenteeism and higher productivity.

This Certification Package Includes:

  1. Healthy Workplace Certification: Apply for your Healthy Workplace Certification – the cost is included.
  2. Healthy Workplace Checklist: This is a company-wide assessment that assesses your company’s alignment with WELLCOSA’s Benchmarks for building strategic wellness interventions and supporting wellness climates.
  3. Benchmark Certification Course: This course will enhance your focus in order to plan and deliver engaging results-oriented wellness initiatives.
  4. Employee Survey:  We will deliver an anonyms survey to gather employee opinion on how effectively the organisation is functioning across key drivers of the standard.
  5. Wellness Award: Celebrate your accomplishment with WELLCOSA’s Award as a Healthy Workplace.
  6. Resource Hub: Gain access to member only resources to support your company’s wellness efforts.


Company Size

Small Company (up to 100 employees), Medium Company (101-500 employees), Large Company (500+ employees)

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