Episode 0: Creating Healthy Workplaces

Welcome to this special Podcast series on Creating Healthy Workplaces = brought to you by WELLCOSA  – the Wellness Council of South Africa.

My Name is Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD), Founder & Director of WELLCOSA and a Wellness Strategist.

This series of podcasts features international renowned experts in the field of Health and Wellness in the Workplace.

These Speakers will impart their knowledge, insight & wisdom in the field of Workplace Wellness to listeners around the world.

The Corporate Wellness podcasts will cover the following topics:-

  1. Making the Case for Workplace Wellness.
  2. Understanding the Concept of a Healthy Workplace.
  3. How to Implement a Successful Workplace Wellness Program.
  4. The Role of Incentives and how to Drive and Increase Participation in Worksite Wellness Programs.
  5. The WHO Healthy Workplace framework and what is required for the Healthy Workplace Certification.
  6. Healthy, Wealthy And Wise: The Business Case For Investing In Workplace Wellness.
  7. The Need to address Whole Person Wellness in Workplace Wellness Programs.
  8. Addressing the other 50% – Women in the Workplace.
  9. Buildings and Architecture to Enhance Wellness in the Workplace.
  10. Creating Healthier Workplaces for All.

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