WELL Workplace Challenge

Is Your Company Ready to be Recognised as a Healthy Workplace?

We are inviting 100 innovated South African companies to apply and earn national and international recognition as a WELL Workplace.







The Benefits of WELLCOSA WELL Workplace Certification & Awards are: 

* Your wellness program is bench-marked against international standards.

* Your company receives recognition as a WELL Workplace.

* You can distinguish themselves as an employer-of-choice when seeking to attract new talent or retain existing employees.

* You become known as a leader and innovator in the workplace wellness field.

* You receive a WELL Workplace Award for your sustainable efforts towards employee health and wellness.

*  Employers feel confident of the professionalism of those involved in running the company’s wellness program, and consequently, in the effectiveness of the program.

* Certification programs provide employers with the metrics that are essential to support wellness and health productivity programs.

* Studies have shown that when companies support wellness with measurable outcomes, they have greater financial success.

Help Employees Lead Healthier Lives – apply for the prestigious WELL Workplace Certification.

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