WellData – an easy, effective, affordable way to measure well-being in the workplace


Wellness is an extremely powerful element that can play a significant role in employee engagement, organisational productivity, talent retention, creativity and innovation.

Studies suggest when employees have higher levels of well-being they are more likely to be more engaged and energised at work, more productive and happier more resilient, healthier, more charitable, better liked by others and more creative.

With greater emphasis on the productivity impact of wellness and well-being, leaders need more than just estimation of cost savings.  They need sound methodologies to measure both the cost savings and productivity improvement your wellness program drives.

That is way we have developed WellData. WellData is an easy, effective, affordable way to measure well-being in your workplace. Through WellData we help management to measure, understand and improve their wellness efforts.

With WellData we take a Holistic Analytical view of Your Company’s Wellness Program, delving into:

  • Multidimensional measuring of your employee wellness on a monthly basis.
  • Health plan and other benefits cost savings.
  • Rand value of productivity improvement analysis.
  • Results from our wellness related surveys of your employees and managers.
  • Estimate the effect of your wellness programs on health care costs, absenteeism, and presenteeism through our ROI calculator.







A study by the World Economic Forum validate compelling evidence linking health and well-being to employee engagement, organisational productivity, talent retention and creativity and innovation. To realise real business gains, wellness must therefore be approached strategically and incorporated into a broader organisational effectiveness framework.

WellData subscribers have access to a wellness dashboard of your employees well-being in 6 areas or pathways. This provides a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of well-being within the company. The holistic analytical data provides valuable insight into health cost savings and product improvement analysis and the effect of your wellness efforts.

The cost of WellData depends on size of your company or organisation. Contact us to schedule a demo or for the cost of the monthly subscription to WellData.