Want to Become a Contributor to Corporate Wellness Online?

Want to Become a Contributor to Corporate Wellness Online?

Here's what you'll get:

* Free published articles (if you qualify as an independent influencer as determined by the editorial team).

* Personal by-line on your articles that links to your author profile.

* Author profile including name, profile picture, social links, and bio.

* Branding and visibility amongst readers consisting of mostly corporate wellness and well-being professionals.

* Monthly content authorship and publishing.

* Search engine ranking for your name (imagine your profile on this magazine showing up for anyone who searches your name!).


Here's what's required:

* Articles must abide by editorial guidelines.

* Articles must be written in accordance with our editorial team.

* Articles must be original content.

* Articles must be timely, newsworthy, and insightful.

* Articles must use at least one external link to authority-based websites and cite all sources.

* Articles must be 100% free of grammatical, spelling, or phrasing errors.

* Articles must not contain any links or text which refers back to the author's website or anything to do with the author's professional work. This may be submitted to author profile page, along with a profile picture and social links.


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