Membership: Small Business (up to 100 employees)


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Membership & Healthy Workplace Recognition

Upon purchase, you will gain immediate access to the following Wellness Resources:

1 The Small Business Implementation Guide
2 Creating a Healthier Workplaces Toolkit
3 Workplace Wellness Implementation Guide
4 Workplace Checklist
5 Certification Documents

These documentsĀ  cover all the aspects of the WELLCOSA benchmarking process. It will equip you to prepare for the onlineĀ  WELLCOSA Healthy Workplace application.

The Benefits of WELLCOSA Membership

* Healthy Workplace Recognition: Membership includes the recognition process as a healthy workplace (not available for Individual Membership).

* Wellness Consulting: 2 Hours: Access to strategic advice, best practice scenario coaching and assistance in developing operational plans for the management and execution of a workplace wellness strategy (not available for Individual Membership).

* On-line Resource Center: Member-only access to turnkey solutions and program ideas to guide successful implementation and management of wellness programs.

* Wellness News: Monthly member-only articles & news covering wide-ranging and relevant workplace wellness issues.

* Wellness Podcasts & Training: Member-only access to workplace health and wellness training resources and podcasts.

* Discount on WellCert Trainings: 20% discount on selected WellCert workplace wellness certifications.

* Group Discussions: Informal discussion to bring together wellness professions to share ideas, challenges and best practices on worksite wellness topics.

* Access to the Healthy Workplace Network: This network brings together WELLCOSA members to share ideas, challenges and best practices related to worksite wellness topics.