Analyse and Improve

* Engage with potential clients about their readiness to implement a workplace wellness program.

* Administer a comprehensive Wellness Audit.

* Offering an effective & proven way to measure the ROI of worksite wellness.

* Designing, implementing and managing a successful corporate wellness program within the company.

* Wellness training to equip the staff the manage and deliver wellness within the company.

* Coaching to get your company ready to apply for the international Healthy Workplace certification & awards.

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Healthy Workplaces

* We provide a workplace wellness roadmap for continual improvements through our Healthy Workplace protocol.

* We offer a foundation for evaluation, improvements and sustainable results for workplace wellness.

* We provide a strategic and holistic workplace wellness framework.

* We adhere to international best practices for embedding workplace wellness principles and processes.

*We assist companies in getting them ready for international recognition as a healthy workplace.

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Best Practice

* We offer to our employer community the opportunity to acquire one of the most coveted designations in the worksite wellness field - WellCert.

* We provides the necessary training tools required to implement a successful workplace wellness program.

* The training programs are designed by leading experts in workplace wellness and are tailor-made to your company needs.

* Some of our training programs are required for the WELLCOSA recognition as a healthy workplace.

* Visit the WELLCOSA Institute for more information about our training.

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