Seminars & Summits

Fostering workplace wellness awareness

  We foster awareness regarding the importance of health and wellness in the workplace.

  WELLCOSA consults and interacts with leading industry experts to bring you the latest news and developments.

  Our approach is unique and environmental friendly – offering online summits & seminars in the comfort of your home or office.

  We continuously endeavor  to impart, share and educate the public around the importance and need for workplace wellness.

Offering free online workplace summits that convene international renowned experts in the field of health and wellness in the workplace.


Providing quality corporate wellness training

WELLCOSA is proud to offer to our employer community the opportunity to acquire one of the most coveted designations in the worksite wellness field.

Wellness is a complex field at the intersection of behaviour change, organizational strategy, technology and medicine. More than ever, wellness professionals need cutting-edge expertise to create programs that deliver results.

Drawing from international best-practice solutions and proven industry research, WellCert provides worksite wellness professionals, benefit managers, brokers, human resource staff and others with the skills they need to plan, implement, manage and measure employee wellness programs that improve health and reduce employee costs.

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Get Your FREE Workplace ToolkitBuilding Healthier Workplaces

The  toolkit is designed to make it easier for workplaces to implement and manage their own health and wellness programs.