For companies of 50 employees or less

The WELLBiz process is both an application and a learning process


Show Intent: This online registration signifies your company's intent to pursue the WELLBiz recognition process. You’ll submit basic information regarding your workplace wellness program when you register.
Become a MemberMember-only access to WELLBiz, wellness news, workbooks and trainings and are a few of the resources available to help you design, build and sustain a successful and comprehensive wellness initiative.
Learn & Improve: Gain free access to our wellness resources that will help you to increase your knowledge on how to build and implement successful results-oriented wellness programs.
WELLBiz Application: Complete the online application form and submit documentation to demonstrate that you’ve met the mandatory requirements for the WELL Workplace Standards.
Verification: Verification of all the submitted documents by your WELL Assessor. No site visits are necessary for small businesses.
Certify and Celebrate: Part of the certification results is a comprehensive report with scores and recommendation to enhance your wellness program. Your company will gain national and international recognition through our Awards program in the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Small Business Categories.
Re-Apply: Certification is valid for 2 year. This is necessary to ensure your company keeps up to date with international workplace wellness standards. You need to apply yearly in order to improve or maintain your company’s workplace wellness status.

WELLBiz Recognition

Fee for the Small Business recognition

[wp-svg-icons icon="signup" wrap="i"]  WELLCOSA has developed the WELLBiz Small Business initiative. The Small Business initiative provides employers in organisations with 50 or fewer employees an opportunity to compete for national recognition.

[wp-svg-icons icon="signup" wrap="i"]   To be considered for a Small Business WELLBiz recognition and award, a company must complete the Small Business Application. In so doing, small business employers will be taking significant steps toward creating a healthier workplace for all employees and their families.


  Company Size Registration Fee Certification Fee Total Cost Member Discount
» Small Organisation (up to 50 employees) R2500 R9 000 R11500 20%

Membership Discount: Membership includes WELLBiz recognition and the tools and resources to help you design, build and sustain a successful and comprehensive wellness initiative. Access to wellness news, workbooks, trainings and inventories are a few of the resources available to our members. Go here to become a Wellcosa Member

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