The Healthier Workplace Initiative (HWI) is a learning and proven strategic process that provides a road map to the destination of a healthy workplace and recognises excellence in the field of health promotion


Show Intent: This online registration signifies your company’s intent to apply and pursue the HWI process. You’ll submit basic information regarding your workplace wellness program when you register.
Become a Member: Member-only access to HWI wellness news, workbooks, resources and discounts on trainings, available to help you design, build and sustain a successful and comprehensive wellness initiative.
Certification Application: Complete the online certification assessment in order to be recognise as a Healthy Workplace and submit required documentation to demonstrate that you’ve met the mandatory requirements for the HWI criteria.
Verification: Verification of all the submitted documents by your HWI Assessor. Sometimes a site visit is required to verify documentation and conduct interviews.
Certify and Celebrate: Part of the certification results is a comprehensive report with scores and recommendation to enhance your wellness program. Your company will gain national and international recognition through our HWI Awards program in the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Small Business Categories.
Re-Apply: HWI recognition is valid for 2 year. This is necessary to ensure your company keeps up to date with international workplace wellness standards. You need to apply yearly in order to improve or maintain your company’s workplace wellness status.


The HWI Cycle

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