Healthy Workplace Summit

WELLCOSA is organising the WELL Workplace Summit from the 24-28 October 2018

This Summit brings together international Experts in Workplace Health and Wellness in an online platform. Subscribers will be able to listen to for FREE to all these Experts from the 24-28 October 2018.

This Summit Host is Dr Martin Combrinck – the Director of WELLCOSA.

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The Summit Speakers cover the following topics:-

» Understanding the Concept of a Healthy Workplace.

» How to Implement a Successful Workplace Wellness Program.

» The Role and Responsibilities of Management in Creating a Wellness Program within a Company.

» Making the Case for Workplace Wellness.

» Collecting of Employee Strategic Data to Design a Wellness Program.

» The Role of Incentives in Workplace Wellness Promotion and How to Drive and Increase Participation.

» The Need to address Whole Person Wellness in Workplace Wellness.

» Well Buildings and Architecture to Enhance Wellness in the Workplace.

» The Use of Innovative Technology in Workplace Health Promotion.

» The Need for Workplace Wellness Benchmarks and Standards.

» The Future of Workplace Health and Wellness.

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