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Building Healthier Workplaces: Workbook & Toolkit

What is the Toolkit all About?

The Healthy Workplace toolkit is designed to make it easier for workplaces, large or small, to implement and manage their own health and wellness programs, and to strengthen existing ones. It is a step by step guide to designing, implementing and evaluating a workplace health and well-being program.Workplaces are most likely to succeed where they use these steps to complement and expand upon other health and safety priorities within their workplace, adopting health and well being standards alongside occupational safety and operational practices.

This kit has been developed acknowledging that no two workplaces are the same and that different methods can achieve outcomes.Regardless of the size or function of an organisation, this kit will provide guidance in creating a workplace that is healthier, happier and more productive.

Healthy Workers – Healthy Futures

Good health equals good business. Being engaged in good work has benefits for individuals, families and wider society. A workplace that provides ‘good work’ through positive and healthy interaction with employees creates a healthy workforce, which in turn promotes healthy business.

Workplaces are ideal settings for encouraging positive health behaviours, not just because of the significant amount of time workers spend at work, but because colleagues and organisations can be an incredibly positive support base for those trying to improve their health.

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