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What is the Healthy Workplace Criteria?

WELLCOSA has built a well-designed, well-executed and sustainable benchmarking framework to drive engagement in workplace wellness and its guiding principles. This Healthy Workplace Initiative (HWI) is accessible to companies of all sizes and it creates sustainable wellness outcomes, and include positive recognition for employers. Read More about the HWI Criteria here.

How Will The Information In My Company’s Application Be Used?

By submitting a HWI Recognition Application, your company’s information is treated as confidential. WELLCOSA will not disseminate and publish exemplary operating plans, vision statements, job descriptions, team minutes, and similar documents, without the consent of the company

When Does The Designation Expire?

Your Well Workplace designation remains current for two (2) years. If you wish to renew or upgrade your designation level, you must complete and document a full 12-month programming cycle before re-applying.

Are There Any Preparation Tools or Training?

Yes. Remember, the Healthy Workplace Initiative (HWI) process is a learning process, not just an award application process. Take advantage of the following opportunities: * Use the training resources – this becomes available upon paying the appropriate HWI fees and becoming a Member. * Complete the free Well Workplace Checklist

What is The Time Period For Program Cycle Documentation?

The Healthy Workplace Initiative (HWI) recognition documentation must represent a 12-month program cycle that has been completed. This includes data collection, operating plan (including budget), interventions and evaluation. Data collection from a previous cycle is acceptable if it is still valid and relevant to current programming decisions.

Are There any Deadlines for Submission?

There is no deadline for Certification. There is a deadline for the Awards. The Awards ceremony takes place during October of each year. Applications received after August, will be part of the next year’s award ceremony.

Who is Eligible for WELLCOSA Benchmarking and Awards?

Any company that has a workplace wellness program in South Africa. Please Note: Those with 50 or fewer employees must use the Small Business Application. Please contact WELLCOSA at to request this particular application.