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Healthy Workplace Checklist: Results


Measure Your Results from the completed Healthy Workplace Checklist!


Your Company’s Score:

0 – 45 %

Your Company’s Score:

46 – 70 %

Your Company’s Score:

71 – 100 %

bad good excellent
Needs Attention
Your Wellness Program is lacking and needs some serious attention and planning. Contact us to help you to improve your wellness score. Your Wellness Program is good, maybe need some improvement – but you are ready to apply for the  WELLBiz Healthy Workplace Recognition Your Wellness Program is very good and you are ready to apply for the WELLBiz Healthy  Workplace Recognition


WELLCOSA focuses on creating Healthy Workplaces – companies that are dedicated to the health of their employees. The WELLBiz process provides business leaders and members with a structure or blue print to help their organisations build results-oriented wellness programs. Ultimately these programs help employees make better lifestyle choices, and positively impact the organisation’s bottom line.


Consult with a certified WELLBiz Coach to improve your Workplace Wellness Score

Consultation will include:-

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”i”]  Discussing your company’s wellness program evaluation scores.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”i”]  Advancing the sustainability of your workplace wellness program.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”i”]  Helping you to optimise your employee wellness strategy for the betterment of all, including a positive return on investment.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”i”]  Comparing your company’s workplace wellness efforts to global trends and best practices evaluations.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”signup” wrap=”i”]  Assisting your company to prepare for the WELLCOSA Certification process.


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