Application and Cost

 Is your company ready to be recognised for excellence in workplace wellness?

WELLCOSA has built a well-designed, well-executed and sustainable certification framework to drive engagement in workplace wellness and its guiding principles. This Certification is accessible to organisations of all sizes, create sustainable wellness outcomes, and include positive recognition for employers.

The Certification outcome is based on existing international models for workplace wellness certification which culminates in WELLCOSA’s WELL  Workplace Awards.

Certification Application

* Applicants need to be assessed, and, if successful, certified as a “WELL Workplace”.

* Certifications are granted for local or national companies / legal entities (multinational companies can apply with a country site or branch).

* WELLCOSA may need to ask certification applicants for additional information and some applications may require modification and re-submission.

* See the FAQ’s for more information re the certification and awards process.


Certification Fees

WELLCOSa’s Certification pricing is designed to ensure you receive a comprehensive and robust package of support services throughout the WELL Certification process.

Included in the Certification Fee is:

Registration Documentation

Upon registration, your company representative gain access to WELLCOSA certification material –  comprehensive documents  to guide you through the certification process. Included is also support from WELLCOSA’s Consultants at no extra cost.

Coaching Support

Once you’re on the path to WELLCOSA Certification, from beginning to end, your company representative has access to our Wellness Consultants to help coach you through elements of the WELL Workplace application process.

Documentation Review

We provide comprehensive document review and provide feedback during the application process and assistance in ensuring a successful process.

Performance Verification

Once you have submitted your WELL Workplace online application, the documented verification and in some instances where necessary an on-site evaluation, is conducted by a WELLCOSA-verified professional that specialises in Healthy Workplaces.

WELLCOSA Certification

Upon achieving Certification, the company receives an in-depth score report, and their certification status is updated on the WELL Workplace directory.


After Certification, your company automatically enters into WELLCOSA prestigious Awards Program for recognition as a healthy workplace.

Comprehensive Marketing and Public Relations Support

Certified companies are connected to WELLCOSA’s marketing and public relations teams for comprehensive promotional opportunities exclusively available to WELL Workplace certified companies. This including information on WELLCOSA’s plaques, certificates, logos and imagery, project directory listings, opportunities for company case studies, and more.


The following Certification fees are applicable according to the size of the company:

  Company Size Registration Fee Certification Fee Total Cost Early Pioneers
» Small Company (up to 50 employees) R5 000 R12 000 R17 000 R13 500
» Medium Company (50 to 250 employees) R7 000 R15 000 R22 000 R17 500
» Large Company (250 to 1000 employees) R10 000 R18 000 R28 000 R22 500
» Multinational Company R10 000 R24 000 R34 000 R27 500

Early Pioneers Discount: WELLCOSA is currently offering discounted pricing to reward early pioneers and leaders of the healthy workplace movement. To take advantage of this special pricing, we encourage companies to register and continue the momentum of the healthy workplace initiative in South Africa. This discount is valid from 1 July – 31 October 2018. Go here to pay for  your Company Certification

The Certification fee does not include the cost of the site visit if necessary. Contact us for more information.


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