Is your company ready to be recognised for excellence in workplace wellness?

* WELLCOSA has built a well-designed, well-executed and sustainable benchmark framework to drive engagement in workplace wellness and its guiding principles.

* The Healthy Workplace outcomes is based on existing international models for healthy workplace best practices.

* WWLLCOSA's recognition is accessible to organisations of all sizes, create sustainable wellness outcomes, and include positive recognition for employers.

* Applicants need to be assessed, and if successful, recognised as a Healthy Workplace in South Africa.

* Recognition is earned by local or national companies / legal entities (multinational companies can apply with a country site or branch) in South Africa.

* WELLCOSA may request applicants for additional information and some applications may require modification and re-submission.

* The benchmarking outcome culminates in the company receiving the WELLCOSA’s Recognition.

* See the FAQ’s for more information re the benchmark and awards process.


What is Included in the Recognition Fees?

Registration Documentation: Upon registration, your company representative gain access to WELLCOSA recognition material –  comprehensive documents  to guide you through the process. Included is also support from WELLCOSA’s Consultants at no extra cost.

Coaching Support: Once you’re on the path to WELLCOSA recognition, from beginning to end, your company representative has access to our Wellness Consultants to help coach you through elements of the application process.

Performance Verification: After submission, documented verification and in some instances where necessary. an on-site evaluation is conducted by a WELLCOSA  professional.

Recognition: Upon achieving Healthy Workplace recognition, the company receives an in-depth score report, and their status is uploaded to the WELLCOSA'sI healthy workplace directory.

Healthy Awards: Your company receives our prestigious award for recognition as a healthy workplace.

* Marketing and Public Relations Support: Recognised companies are connected to WELLCOSA’s marketing and public relations teams for comprehensive promotional opportunities exclusively available to recognised companies.

Healthier Workplace Initiative (HWI) Fees

Recognising Healthy Workplaces

The HWI Fees grant you access to our exclusive WELLCOSA Membership:

Membership includes:
  • HWI recognition, the tools and resources to help you design, build and sustain a successful and comprehensive wellness initiative.
  • Access to wellness news, workbooks, trainings and inventories are a few of the resources available to our members.

Healthy Workplace Assessment Fees:

  Company Size Registration Fee Certification Fee Total Cost
» Small Companies (up to 100 employees) R3 500 R8 500 R12 000
» Medium Companies (101-500 employees)
R3 500 R16 500 R20 00
» Large Companies (501+ employees) R3 500 R26 500 R30 000

Become a WELLCOSA Member

The fees do not include the cost of the site visit if necessary.