Who we are

Committed and Passionate

WELLCOSA was founded by Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD), a Corporate Wellness Architect involved in the planning, implementing and sustaining of workplace wellness programs.

  WELLCOSA is the leading respected resource in South Africa for creating and implementing successful healthy workplaces through our HWI program.

  Our benchmark framework is build around various international accepted best practices for health and wellness in the workplace.

WELLCOSA has partnered with the Global Center for Healthy Workplaces to offer SA companies international healthy workplaces recognition.

We are a proudly South African company and the forerunner of workplace wellness certification.

  We are committed and passionate about creating awareness around the importance of a healthy workforce in South Africa.


What we do

Create Healthier Workplaces

  WELLCOSA encourage and support the advancement of workplace health and well-being through a series of initiatives designed to increase learning and offer recognition as a healthy workplace.

  We  recognise companies and organisations as they become role-models for Healthy Workplaces by adhering to international benchmarks and best practices.

  WELLCOSA recognise quality and excellence in workplace health promotion in South Africa through WELLCOSA’s flagship Healthier Workplace Initiative (HWI) process.

  We assist business and health professionals to improve employee well-being and create healthier organisational cultures in the workplace.

  We help employers design and implement results-oriented wellness programs to maximise the health and productivity of their employees.

  We provide consulting, training and resources to keep your workforce healthy and productive and to help implement a successful corporate wellness program.

WELLCOSA Founder & Director: Dr Martin Combrinck

PhD (A.M): 2015. B SocSc (1986); Wellness Coach (2008); Laughter Yoga Professional (2007), Yoga Teacher Certificate (1996); Yoga Therapy Diploma (1999); Ayurveda Practitioner Certificate (1999).



Dr. Martin Combrinck (PhD) is a Corporate Wellness Architect: Involved in the Planning, Implementing and Sustaining of Workplace Wellness Programs.

For the past 3 years Martin has researched and developed workplace wellness standards and benchmarks all over the globe. WELLCOSA was founded in 2018 out of the need and necessity to certify companies as healthy workplaces in South Africa.

Martin is known as the The Laughter Doctor in SA and he is a pioneer and advocate of Alternative Medicine and Personal Transformation. Dr. Martin lectures and teaches on mind-body wellness and workplace health solutions – nationally and internationally.

His background in workplaces wellness started in the early 90’s through his wellness company Sanga Wellness. His focus shifted from delivering wellness solutions to wellness consulting – helping companies to implement successful workplace wellness programs.

Martin challenges people’s limited beliefs and self-imposed restrictions and assists them in breaking free! He uses Laughter Therapy as the tool to educate people that joyousness and wellness is a conscious choice for each and every individual.

His values are: Integrity, trust, helping others awakening their true potential, living in the moment, commitment, spirituality and self-awakening.


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